Bishop Henry L. Johnson
Bishop Johnson's intensive religious training began at the Rehoboth Bible Institute in St. Louis, Missouri. He later entered and graduated from Aenon Bible College in Columbus, Ohio where he served as Student Body President in his second year at this institution. He pursued studies at Pacific College in Fresno, California and entered the Doctorate Program of the California Graduate School of Theology. An Honorary Doctorate of Sacred Letters was conferred upon him from the Fundamental Bible Seminary in Claremore, Oklahoma and he later received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Aenon Bible College.

In 1954, he was ordained in the Midwestern District Council by the late Bishop Austin Layne. He was responsible for 21 churches being brought into the California-Nevada-Hawaii District Council (currently known as the "California District Council") and the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. Inc.  More than four (4) decades ago on May 7, 1957, he founded the Bethesda Apostolic Church which is continuing to thrive and grow under his dynamic leadership. It is estimated that thousands of people have been brought to the Lord under his ministry and many have been trained or influenced by Bishop Johnson to be leaders in Christian ministry.

On the State level, he has served as Chairman of the Aenon Alumni Association, Assistant Secretary of the California-Nevada-Hawaii District Council, and Chairman of the Bylaws Committee. He served three (3) terms as Assistant Chairman of the California-Nevada-Hawaii District Council and Vice President of Curriculum at Aenon Bible College, West Coast.
Bishop Johnson. Devoted Husband and Father, Diocesan Bishop, Theologian, Perennial Student, Master Teacher, Counselor, Compassionate Under-Shepherd, Writer, Dreamer, Visionary, and Anointed Messenger of God.

Bishop Johnson was baptized in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost in Lively Stone Church of God in 1943 under the leadership of the late Bishop P.L. Scott.

During his years at Lively Stone Church of God he served in many areas including, but not limited to, Local Youth President, Junior Pastor of the Youth Department, Deacon, and Assistant Pastor to Bishop Scott. He also served as Youth President for the Midwestern District Council and Supply Pastor for the Lively Stone Church of God in Nortonviile, Kentucky.
Additionally, he has served on committees both nationally and state wide, too numerous to name. To his credit he has written several study guides for the State Young People, has written a Study Guide for the International Pentecostal Young Peoples Union (IPYPU) Bible Bowl  Division and has taught extensive seminars on Marriage and Marriage Counseling throughout the country for over 45 years.

Bishop Johnson's ministry is extensive and one of his concerns is caring for God’s people as he continues to help meet the growing needs of his church and community.

Bishop & First Lady Henry L. Johnson